The children of a housing development in Berlin’s largest hous- ing cooperative can now play soccer and climb in a Geoarena. The Geoarena appears in the form of a dome, in the interior there is a soccer pitch, and it can be climbed on from the out- side. It was this multifunctionality advantage that shaped the decision to add Berliner Seilfabrik play equipment. Initially, it began with an existing soccer pitch that was to be “refurbished” by the housing cooperative. During the review of the existing play area, the people responsible for the updated project thought of another interest in the children’s play, that the wire mesh fence of the soccer field could also serve as climbable “play equipment”. Immediately, it was apparent to all involved that apart from playing soccer, there was also a great need for climbing among children. The challenge was to accommodate both needs without using additional space. The solution was the decision to install a Geoarena, from Berliner, which combines soccer and safe climbing all in one..


         Top view



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