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Greenville is the newest award-winning creation of Berliner Seilfabrik.

The space net as a play component is the perfect base for a structure on a playground to climb in.

Climbing in a three-dimensional net is a challenge and stimulates 3D-thinking and the psychomotor skills of children. 3D nets in an outer frame also offer numerous combination capabilities and thus outerframe structures are used to build a huge combination from the start or keep adding to it step by step. The Greenville structures even become better by adding the bamboo panels to give them the resemblance of a classic play house in nature looks while still being more valuable with a three dimensional net for climbing and the space for recess like a playhouse. This is Greenville.

Bombastic bamboo!

Our panels look like wood but they are more durable and ecologically friendly. Bamboo – the nature’s high-tech.

The better is the enemy of the good, as once said by a famous philosopher. That’s why we utilize bamboo instead of tree wood. Botanically speaking bamboo is no tree, it belongs to grasses. Its qualities, however, are next to none of the domestic trees. It’s extremely wear-resistant and durable. Harder than oak for instance. Its carbon footprint is remarkable, also happily noted by environmental associations. Hardly any other plant absorbs as much carbon dioxide. Bamboo is capable of growing one meter per day. This is more than our deciduous trees grow within a year. For our bamboo panels, extra long bamboo fibers are grouted with resin under high pressure. The warm, dark brown colour develops naturally through caramelizing in special ovens.

Two sizes for the base element

Boo 2,5m     Bam 3,3m


Our ropes have a steel core. This is what makes them so safe and durable.

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