In the Belgian town of Genk, a multifaceted playground has been created in the grounds of the Cosmodrome, where everything revolves around a single topic: space.
Going by the name “Play Planet”, the playground offers everything a child’s heart might desire! Reminiscent of a planetary orbit, the apparatus has been laid out in a circular fashion, and allows a multitude of possibilities to climb, swing and balance. The design fits in perfectly with the “cosmic adventure” theme, offering exciting challenges for a wide range of age groups.
While the Monkey Jibe, VIP-Swing, hammock and nest swing invite children to twist and swing, the rubber membrane cube, net funnel and various at nets test the mettle of even the most seasoned climbers. Sculptura’s rubber panels lead up to a small Trii-house, offering possibilities for relaxation and retreat.
The playground is rounded o by a sandpit for small children. Besides the Orbit and Eddie Playpoints, the sand tables foster role-playing games among the little ones.


         Top view



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