Bad Schwalbach

In the grounds of Bad Schwalbach’s German Horticultural Show, this huge CombiNation, combining Terranos and Terranova orange-coloured at nets with a Tetragode, ‘grows’ elegantly up the slope. As it does so, the huge net deftly hugs the geographical contours, negotiating the various jumps in height in a ‘playful’ manner, enabling the entirety of the appa- ratus to be climbed at a single stretch. This was precisely the intention of landscape architect Philipp Gegner of the Munich practice lohrer.hochrein. The project was implemented in collaboration with Berliner Seilfabrik. Erecting the Tetragode on the steep terrain proved a particular challenge. “We solved the problem by incorporating a special anchoring point, which compensates for the gradient,” explains Anne Eckert of the Berliner Creative Centre. “In this way, despite the incline, the Tetragode could be integrated into the climbing landscape, which created the impression of yet greater height and spatial e ect.”


         Top view



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