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Spring, climb, spin, swing! – The Berliners present eight new Playpoints by URBAN DESIGN BERLIN

Ordinary play equipment is designed to be immediately recognised. The URBAN DESIGN BERLIN products are not ordinary. They are not concretely designed, but rather suggest natural objects. They play around their shapes. They leave sufficient space for the viewer’s own imagination.

They are especially stylish as an object in the public space and extremely cool as a place to play. They are much more than classical playground pieces. With their combination of design, style and coolness, they are design elements in all public spaces, space to play included.

Now the Berliners are presenting nine new Playpoints that all feature the unmistakable design language of URBAN DESIGN BERLIN. They are not only at home handling classic playgrounds, but the city is their world.

At a time when urban space is increasingly shrinking, these Playpoints are where places to play are created despite minimal space.

The innovations in the field of seesaws are called Butterfly and Freeride. They impress both visually through the organic line layout as well as technically through a new rubber bearing system.



The disc is a modern merry-go-round, consisting of a round disc. The slight inclination of the concave surface makes it especially interesting to play on. The disc is available in two different sizes: as Disc L and XL with a diameter of 1.9m/2.3m.

Disk XL

The presented Fireball.3.1 and Eddie.05 are two new slender Playpoints that especially use the space above. Both units have a height of 2.3m and are no wider than 1.0m/0.5m. A new, slip-proof HDPE base platform provides the needed footing when spinning.

Fireball und Eddie

The Hula-Loops describe organically shaped boards that are flexible thanks to a spring-loaded rubber bearing. There are ball tracks in the surface. The ball starts to roll through hip movement. These Playpoints motivate to exercise in a playful way.


The Net Swing allows breaks in a hectic day and invite you to pause for a moment. At the same time, the organic design of the curved poles in combination with the colourful balls makes them a visual highlight in open urban spaces.

Net Swing

A surfboard for the pedestrian zone! This innovative Playpoints joins in every movement, no matter where the wind comes from. Further more the windrider is a visual enrichment for any kind of urban spaces.


All Playpoints are constructed in a technically sophisticated way and are made from quality materials such as stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium, HDPE surfaces and ITR bearings. They stand for the greatest amount of safety and long service life. All products meet the EN 1176 and further international standards such as ASTM F1487 and CSA Z614. Playpoints are very low-maintenance and cause hardly any subsequent costs.

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