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Parks & Recreations released a review about a very nice project. “The free play Concept at Lea Mc Keighan Park is designed to tap into children’s intuitive development and sense of adventure.”, describes the author Steve Casey.

After the park was relegated to a training ground only and neglected for years, the exposed location needed high intensive attention. “One of the overriding concepts in the redevelopment of the park was environmental sustainability through the use of innovative stormwater management practices“, and the use of native plant materials, for example. Furthermore it should return to a traditional neighborhood park, while become modern and dynamic.

The city’s “Parks and Recreation Board approved $1.9 million to completely renovate the park with special attention given to developing a unique, one-of-a-kind adventure playground. The playground needed to give the park an identity and make it a destination for both residents and visitors to Lee’s Summit”, concluded Casey.

The centerpiece of the Lea McKeighan playground became the customized Jupiter XXL- a 30-foot-high metal-framed pyramid with intertwined climbing nets. It offers children an opportunity to climb safely to the peak of the structure from ground level and then navigate down via a curved slide attachment, climb back down or link onto a suspension bridge attached to a Net House. Other Berliner Seilfabrik play pieces complement the large structure include a 70-foot, Speedway, zip line, a VIP Swing and Cloud 9 swings.

The Concept of the playground focused in free play, while children improve their institution and their sense of adventure. The selected play items encourage motor skills – like strength, mobility and hand-eye-coordination.

Casey summarizes:"Climbing equipment taps into a child's creative level of problem solving to go from point A to point B with no specified path. The free play concept also encourages repeat users. Park patrons enjoy a playground more when every trip presents a different challenge or approach to problem solving".

The whole article about the playground development you'll find here.

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